Carol Henning

1964 - 1968: Stanford University, B.A. (Psychology)

1973 - 1975: Berkeley Adult Education, Textile Studies

1976 - 1977: Berkeley Fiberworks, Textile Studies

1989 - 1991: California College of Arts and Crafts, Metals Department (studied with Marilyn Da Silva)

1989 - 1994: Owner, Whatever's Fare (consulting business for catering, party planning, kitchen design, food styling, etc.)

1990 - 1993: Resident Chef, Silverado Vineyards, Napa Valley

1990 - present: Independent studio work, jewelry design and fabrication, independent sales and commissions

Gallery and Exhibition History

De Novo, Palo Alto, CA
Nancy Sachs Gallery, St. Louis, MO
Susan Cummins, Mill Valley, CA
Sculpture to Wear, Beverly Hills, CA
Raggazzi's Flying Shuttle, Seattle, WA
Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, NY
Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy
Sculpture to Wear, Santa Monica, CA

De Novo, February 1995, Group Show
Banaker Gallery, December/January, 1995-6, Jewelry Invitational
Nancy Sachs Gallery, January/February 1996, Group Show
Nancy Margolis Gallery (Portland, ME) 1996 Summer Invitational
De Novo, February 1997, Group Show
Nancy Sachs Gallery, February 1998, Featured Artist
CCAC, San Francisco, 1998 group invitational for Collectors Circle tour
Ragazzi's Flying Shuttle, 1998 Candlestick Invitational (for SNAG)
De Novo, February 2000
Ragazzi's Flying Shuttle, July 2000, Sharon Boardway Benefit
De Novo, February 2003 Group Show
Shaw Contemporary Jewelry, (Northeast Harbor, ME) September-October 2003, Fall Show
Taboo Studio, San Diego, November-December 2003, Holiday Show
De Novo, February 2006, Group Show
Aaron Faber Gallery, May 2006, "Exploring Space: Positive/Negative and Trompe l'Oeil"

Commissions *

George and Dorothy Saxe
Loren and Shelley Saxe
Judy Greene
Mark Edleson
Robin and Edward Blum

*does not include commissions accepted through galleries

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